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Fredro Starr From ONYX To Release His New Solo Album “Firestarr 2”

Fredro Starr from the legendary rap group ONYX has returned with his 4th solo album “Firestarr 2” the follow up to his 2001 classic “Firestarr”.

Fredro is usually known for his grimy rap style with ONYX, but “Firestarr 2”delivers a smooth and toned down flow. With joints like “Sippin Pyru” featuring Ali Vegas and “Do U Know” featuring Vado and The Kid Daytona.

Fredro Starr – 2 Do U Know Feat. Vado & The Kid Daytona (Produced by The Korruption) by ONYX (Official) In 1993, years before anyone told ya’ to “get up off them goddamn diamonds”, South Jamaica, Queens, craziest Bal-Hed sons, ONYX, were already busy takin’ some of the Golden Era’s loot and running with

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