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Eturnal Music Group Presents Emile Danero in “The Welcoming”


Eturnal Music Group proudly presents Jamaica, Queens artist Emile Danero and the official release of the mini movie for “The Welcoming”. The New York native utilizes a select number of songs featured on his latest mixtape biopic that shares the same name. Danero then presents it in a high quality cinema format. Viewers are taken on a journey with Emile in the driver’s seat as we witness his hustle, relationship woes and crew dealings. He brings the movie to life by cleverly working many of his lyrics into the actual video scenes. This is a perfect way to properly introduce himself to the world and keep his branding creative. Check out both the video & mixtape for “The Welcoming” below.

Download and stream “The Welcoming” via Livemixtapes: [Link]

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