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ethemadassassin & Luse Kanz – Enemy Capes

About the Song:

Veteran Assassins’ emcee, ethemadassassin, and NDangr Species’ emcee, Luse Kanz, break off from their respective groups and team up with beatsmith The WDSMN, to release “Motivations.” The project idea was birthed in 2016, as all 3 artists were attending a block party in Atlanta during the A3C Festival. One alcohol infused conversation birthed an idea and that idea birthed a conversation and that conversation and a lot of emails birthed the 6 song EP. “Motivations” is a modern day throwback to the hardcore yet soulful sound of Hip Hop’s Golden Era. The second single, “Enemy Capes,” is available on Soundcloud. The “Motivations” EP will be released March 12th on all digital outlets.

Check out the track below.

Enemy Capes ft. Luse Kanz (prod. by The WDSMN) by ethemadassassin “Enemy Capes” is the second single off ethemadassassin’s and Luse Kanz’ EP, “Motivations,” due for release March 13, 2018, on all digital outlets.


Some people say that Hip Hop is becoming a faded culture because of its continuous evolution…others beg to differ.

Atlanta MC (by way of North Carolina, by way of Brownsville, Brooklyn) Luse Kanz, represents a brand of vintage sounds with a twist of technology in today’s world of independent artists. In contrast to the traditional business model and gateway systems of the Golden Age of Hip Hop of the 90’s, most artists in today’s era of independence will agree that there is no formula or blueprint to reach success in today’s internet age. Artists are free to create their own lanes and display unlimited amounts of creativity. Luse Kanz creates Hip Hop with no formula or blueprint, with the intention to recreate a moment in time where the listener falls in love with the culture as if it were the 90’s again.

Luse Kanz first debuted in 2009 alongside fellow North Carolina by way of Brooklyn MC, Maf Maddix, in the group Ndangr Species, on a mixtape titled, “The Now Later Vicstape,” featuring production from Flying Lotus, DevonWho, Sean C & LV, and Oddissee. Reemerging as a solo artist, Luse Kanz has multiple projects set to release in 2018, most notably, “Leftfield Live Nigha Rap,” with Baltimore MC, Bloonz Billionfold, and currently, “Motivations,” an EP with Los Angeles by way of North Carolina MC, ethemadassassin.

ethemadassassin, first debuted in 2004 with the album, “Proverbs,” and since then has released 2 solo albums (2008’s “Tomorrow Never Comes,” and 2013’s “Soul On Fire”) and 3 albums as one half of the group, Veteran Assassins (2010’s “Veteran Assassins,” 2012’s “Paint The Town Red,” and 2016’s “G.O.L.D. Guns, Oil, Land, and Diamonds.”). These albums, along with 10 Top 10 charting singles on Rap Attack Lives and Rap Network charts (USA and Canada), videos on MTVBase (“Walk My Shoes” off 2008’s, “Tomorrow Never Comes”), and Ralph McDaniels’ Video Music Box (“Lemme In,” off Veteran Assassins’ 2016 release, “G.O.L.D.”), and international festival appearances (New Skool Rules, Rotterdam NL, Hip Hop Sonic, Groningen NL, Midem, Cannes Fr) have helped ethemadassassin gain recognition as an international underground stalwart.

Flying solo again, ethemadassassin has joined with Luse Kanz to release the “Motivations” EP, Spring 2018. The project is a modern day throwback to the hardcore yet soulful boom bap of Hip Hop’s Golden Era. The sound is indicative of the project’s birthplace, as the bi-coastal emcees came up with the idea of the EP during A3C 2016 while attending a block party with the project’s sole producer, The WDSMN (Woodsmen), out of The Bay Area. The “Motivations” EP will be avaiilable on all digital outlets.

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