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Episode 2- Surviving Compton, Slavery, and White Heroes


We’re real regular.

My husband–he’s often quiet as a mouse, but will roar like a lion when it comes to an opinion. Think Stephen A. mixed with a little Barack mixed with a little Biggie and you have my hubby!

My wife–she’s formally educated, classy, but will get ratchet real quick. Think Michelle Obama mixed with a little Solange and a lot of Pam from Martin and you have the wifey!

And together–we’re The Poindexters! Married with 2 perspectives on the topics of today!

In this episode, we discuss our reactions to Surviving Compton and women’s rights to tell their own story, mass incarceration in the Netflix documentary, 13th, and the white savior complex in Issa Rae’s “Insecure.”


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