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Drewskii – Yellow @OnTheHillMusic

Nick May and Erica Christman combine their talents to illustrate the latest hit single “Yellow” from Atlanta native Drewskii’s forthcoming album, “Vibe”

Drewskii was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. His love for hip hop and basketball were an enormous part of his development as he was growing up. It was evident early on that he was a dual threat as his sound began to materialize quickly. Once he graduated and his collegiate basketball career ended, he was able to work full time on music. He brings a truly unique style to an at times monotone game. His voice is one of a kind and his iconic choruses will stick with you long after you’re done listening. Right when you think you’re in an R&B serenade, his verses come in with lyrical heat that will leave you feeling cool as fuck. His overall feel and lyrical depth continue to greatly affect and impress his ever-growing fanbase.

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