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Desiigner – Moon People Feat. Boyd [New Song]


Not only are the vocal similarities abundantly clear, but the concept of the record itself feels like it’s a page out of Future’s book– “Moon People,” as Desiigner raps about visiting another planet (astronaut status style).

He still hasn’t released the official audio, however it’s become available on Soundcloud, so we’re adding it today’s list. If you haven’t heard it yet, press play. Desiigner goes in over minimal production that features a whirlwind of electronic noises and additional vocals from Boyd (who also provides a verse). What are your thoughts on Desiigner? Good move for G.O.O.D. Music or nah? Stay tuned as he preps his mixtape.

Quotable Lyrics

Codeine, got lean with me Codeine, got beans on me Whole team got beams with me Smokin ape, put a ape on it Fuck a bitch, put a face on it She be suckin till she taste on it

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