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D strong

D strong is an American Emcee from Los Angeles California originally from a group called The Last Kind. In 2011, he dropped an album called “The Burden” with great reviews and wide acceptance by the hip-hop community, as evidenced by his next release “Get Off The Playground” a collabo with Prince Po of Organized Kunfusion. He hosts an amazing body of work and has done many shows and songs with well-known and upcoming artists such as Blackistan, Macapella, John Robinson, giallo Point and many others.

He has performed at many festivals such as the A3C in Atlanta and appeared as a panelist and host at their conferences and always gives a power packed show! He has also toured internationally with Tragedy Khadafi, The Beatminerz, Jurassic 5 and Freestyle Fellowship through Europe and Asia. He’s continually growing and developing his fan base, and now back here in the states, D-Strong is now gearing up for a national tour with 5 Studio releases under his belt, and working on 2 new projects one produced by Ben Hedibi.

Finger Pop ft. Wildelux (cuts)Chinch33 prd. Ben Hedibi by derek-strong

Sound in Variables, by D-Strong

D-Strong Sound in Variables, released 04 November 2014 1. Sideways ft. King RA (cuts) Chinch 33 prd. Loopwhole 2. Finger Pop ft. Wildelux (cuts) Chinch 33 prd. Ben Hedibi 3. Word Born ft. Aarophat prd. Da Beatminerz 4. At A Loss prd. Lafayette Ave 5. Serial Killers ft.




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