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Cuttin grass with Lo Profile by DJ Layne Luv

People often wonder how a Good Guy (pun intended) like me gets instantaneous respect from street guys from rap to real niggas. Welp the answer is easy…there’s never not one time I don’t keep it real. I know too well the consequences of not keeping it real with real ass people…so I just don’t do it…and neither should you.

Enter Lo Profile, we hit it off from the gate when he crashed my radio show about a year ago. From his street tales in Buffalo NY to him being shot and the reality check that came with it. We were linked by a fellow DJ turned music entrepreneur DJ Con Artist, and with the reputation he has in the music game, if Con Artist vouches for you then you’re as good as in with the camp.

Lo Profile even likes the fact that when he’s in Columbus Ohio, I drop everything to come check on him. So naturally when he heard I was in transition on a few things…he came to check up on me. (Not without dropping off his new music first though lol) We both know I don’t do interviews I do conversations…so he was like “Yo, when I wrap up this video shoot, we need to have a conversation about my project.” I knew exactly what he meant. Now keep in mind, I’m entertaining out of town guest, while my radio station is having its annual Christmas party, so I’m down at the club with Christmas Elf ears on my head nshit, and a bottle of Paul Masson in my hand with a big fat dookie rope on, prolly looking ridiculous as shit…Security if fuckin with me talking about what I can’t bring in the club. My brother Lo welcomes me with open arms as if to say “Man fuck all dat…we got business to take care of..”…”plus I’ll be up there to kick it with you later LOL”.

Lo’s a good guy too just as long as you don’t cross him. And we have that understanding. He knows I’m connected, so a blog from me is mandatory. So as I’m partying. with my folks… a gang of dudes walk in (Aim 1st) to pull me out the party. My radio folks thought something was wrong, but I assured them Aim 1st entertainment were my folks and started introducing everyone. We had a conversation about A Lawn Mower and A Gas Can…and below you’ll hear the campaign of this great musical masterpiece that I fully endorse. Click the Soundcloud link to hear full audio and go buy the project. You won’t be sorry.



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