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Chief Panda – Hi’C @ChiefyPanda

Chief Panda’s “Hi’C” is a track that explains the everyday struggle of a underground artist with trial and tribulations with ambition of whats more to come. In his hook he repeats (I have the juice, We have the juice, We are The Juice). Basically insinuating that we all have a potential talent the we haven’t tap into yet and the struggle of believing in yourself to show to world. The beat is more of a up tempo trap sounding record with conscious lyrics and flow. In the video shows some of his fun personality with him riding around in a shopping cart with a Maserati next to him screaming, “I have The Juice”! It is his first video releasing to the public eye with hopes that listeners can relate to and love the lyrics he brings to the track.

Chief Panda from Maryland. 26 year old artist. Chief Panda started rapping at age 17 and has dropped underground projects with Local DMV artist and producers. His first video he released was called Hi’C which is available on you tube and soundcloud. Chief Panda is a new generation flow rapper that still want’s to get his content and ambitions across to his listeners with catchy lyrics and hooks. 90’s rappers is a big influence in his music and sound. ( I believe the Hip Hop should change but for better but still have substance to where people can relate). Chief Panda continues to push his underground sound and conscious flow to a mainstream platform.

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