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Break-A-Dawn: A New Chapter 4 PM Dawn by DJ Layne Luv

Hip-Hop has 8 million stories. Some good, some bad. Stories of triumph and failure. There are stories of artists that are hot one moment and once they make it big they become unfocused real quick and fall off. There’s also many stories of redemption..a second chance if you will…this is one of those stories.

As my partner Avian calls me one day and says “Hey you wanna do an interview with PM Dawn?” and I’m like “Are they even still around?” Then he replies “Yes, but with two new members!” At this point, I’m at war with myself at this point because I can’t tell if he’s serious. PM Dawn had a few hit records and then abruptly stopped selling records in the US, and then just kinda disappeared after the turn of the millennium. So Avian makes the connection and I started to build with new member K- R.O.K. and we hit it off famously. I’m a humble person so I’m really in tune with down-to-earth people. (I kicks it with my extra folks too but you know.. lol) But there was a quality about the call that let me know it was more than music.

PM Dawn was a group from the 90’s that came out at the right time. Native Tongues had already opened the door to express yourself freely in hip-hop even if it meant singing your rhymes or dressing in beads and dashiki’s. Songs like Set Adrift on Memory Bliss and I’d Die Without You are signature songs of the group. But when PM Dawn’s founding member Prince Be passed away due to diabetes complications, most people including myself figured that was the end of the group.

Right around early 2005, Prince Be suffered a massive stroke that left his whole left side paralyzed, he brought in his first cousin Doc G (aka Dr. Giggles). Prince Be passed away June 17 2016. Inspired by his family, Doc G was urged to keep the PM Dawn name alive.

All of this considered we asked Doc what kind of pressure he was up against considering the they are presenting two new faces to the world under a legendary name. He replied  “Correction. I’ve been here from the beginning. So I want people to look at it like this, you know how when you work at McDonalds you might start on the fries, but certain circumstances may train you to become the manager one day. Well that is the case here. You can say I just got a promotion hahaha. I’ve been down from day one and with the support of my family, we are going to carry on the PM Dawn name.”

The new addition to PM Dawn is the one they call K.R.O.K. pronounced (K-Rock) Through his genuine concern for the group after Prince Be died, unbeknownst to him, he would form a relationship with Doc G through twitter. As the two bonded, K-ROK let it be known he was a producer and sent over his beats. Shortly after he was asked to be a new member of PM Dawn.

The group has an up and down relationship with hip-hop purist. No one in the hip hop world can forget when KRS-One rushed the stage to stand as gatekeeper of what he calls The Real Hip Hop. I asked how they planned to deal with the group’s legacy being categorized as “Pop Music” for the majority of the groups history. Doc explains “If you think about it…PM Dawn as a group has never tried to fit in. We always knew we were different, it’s just our job to tell OUR story. The rest of it, no one can stop whatever God has planned for our life”

From our conversation, we know that the group receives concert dates from all over the world. Some nostalgia concerts, some current. They duo is often surprised by the love the group still gets. From the beginning of the conversation until the end, the vibe was positive and they were very humble musicians. Uptown Weekly and State of Hip Hop wishes them nothing but success in the upcoming years. Be on the look out for new music real soon from this legendary super band.




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