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Bolu – Beautifully Thorned @3Symba3

“Beautifully Thorned” is complexity in feelings and thoughts from Bolu. It paints a multilayered picture of life, love, and experiences. Smooth and unorthodox lyricism that brings the listener along for the wave, makes you feel exactly what the artist felt, a mixture of different sounds making something so unique it’s jaw dropping and unexpected especially in this age of copy cat artist.

Influenced by Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Wale, Noname and smooth vocalist like Jhené Aiko and Erykah Badu. Nigerian born and Atlanta raised Bolu is an artist that seeks a different path surrounded by trap music and Afrobeats what you hear from him knowing where he’s from is completely unexpected. Bolu is unique, is he a poet, a rapper, a crooner or just another sad soul? Bolu is an artist who’s lyricism betrays his age.

Born in September of 1996, his use of 90s television shows, music, and anime in metaphors and similes give the listener no choice, but to relate. You can’t help but sense an underlying tone of pain and hardship in his well thought out songs. The way in which he weaves his words together is effortless. An emotional writer with a sad smooth voice you can’t help but feel what he feels, “they say I’m offbeat, but I rap on my own two feet” he raps on his first single Happy people sing songs. He acknowledges his somewhat eccentric flow.

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