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Name is Bryan BGIZZLE Saunders inspiring producer, engineer and artist, also currently taking on videography. I’m from Bodycamp va born July 18, 90… Came up in music as my grandad owned a radio station for gospel also a preacher now retired my dad plays guitar, 2 brother trumpet and one drums, I picked up on rapping and beat making in 2007-08 when I graduated I went full on created Virginia bread winners LLC  and its been all up. Overcame a car accident in 2013 which took my life and I was brought back to beat a 30% chance I’m not supposed to have a right arm or left leg but I have both. Blessed by the lord I’ve found a small lane in beat productions and pursuing it full on aiming for the top!!

Soundclick.com/540productions for beats SoundCloud.com/BGIZZLE540 for music twitter- @LBVBW_3nt INSTAGRAM- @VBW3NT Video — http://www.thisis50.com/video/bgizzle-therapy

CD- http://vabreadwinners.bandcamp.com/

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