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All Glowed Up: Andrea

Eye Color: Medium Brown

Hair Color: Honey Blonde

Height: 5.4

Bust: 36 DD

Waist: 31

Hips: 38

What would you rate yourself from 1-10? A 10 although nobody’s perfect I’ve grown to love all my flaws.

Tell everybody your name and where you’re from? I’m from Las Vegas NV

So how long have you been modeling? In front of the mirror since I was 3

How did you start modeling? After so many people told me I had an exotic look

So what are you doing with yourself besides modeling? I carry explosives across country for FedEx

What would you say is your best feature and why? My eyes for sure not only because they’re the color of Brown sugar but they are also slanted giving me an exotic look.

What else do you do for fun? I play pool and play in make-up

Do you like sports? If so who is your favorite sports figure? I love football love the Eagles even more! My favorite sports figure would have to be Michael Jordan. He’s accomplished it all… enough said!

What’s playing in your (iPod, iPhone, Android, music device)/Favorite Song (currently)? Zapp and Roger, I am quite the oldies fan

What’s the craziest pick up line you’ve heard from guys trying to get your attention? Ma’am can I use your phone real quick? I just need to call my mama real quick and tell her I’ll be at the local hospital because I fell so hard for your curves and beauty!

How do you get into “character” for a photoshoot? I’m usually just myself (crazy sexy cool) and it portrays in pics.

What would you say is your ultimate turn on? Super manly man

Who’s your favorite photographer? Katie Bronski

What’s something that most people would be surprised to find out when they actually meet you? That I am a driver or maybe that I never broke the habit of sucking my thumb in my sleep (don’t judge me lol).

How can people get in contact with you? (Social Media) Snapchat draya4ya and Instagram luv4andrea

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