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AGGY – Get Down @aggyxx

“Get Down” is a song AGGY made about all the people who think they’re better than you. Everyone thinks they have the upper-hand on you and can control your ship, when really you’re the only one who can master your sea. Whether it’s bullying, verbal abuse, physical abuse or just plain arrogance. Stand up to anyone and everyone causing you torment or pain in your life, rise above them; and tell them to Get Down on their MF’in knees for you.

AGGY started writing and recording music at the age of 13, using only a laptop and a cheap audio jack mic. He only recorded for about a year and then took a break to focus on school. During that time period he was still writing music everyday and had multiple notebooks filled with songs and ideas. Late 2016, a friend suggested making a song. Naturally, AGGY agreed. Together they went to Walmart, purchased a headset mic and downloaded a recording program. That night he made his first official song which started his career.

For the next year, AGGY taught himself how to use the program and made dozens of songs for his own pleasure in his room. It wasn’t until he felt he mastered the science of mixing, mastering, recording, and engineering; did he buy a professional mic and started dropping songs on Soundcloud in mid 2017. Since then, he has accumulated over 300 fans and 100k plays in total. Currently, he is making music every night and has an abundance of content in his email he has yet to release. He drops songs about every 2 week on Soundcloud, each one sounding better than the last.

AGGY stands out from others with his versatility and originality with every song he makes and proves his immense talent through his music. This is an artist you’re going to want to keep an eye on.

#AGGY #GetDown

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