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Addy Hill – Still On Go

Addy Hill’s “Still On Go” shows how no matter what life throws at you, get up. If you have a purpose, don’t let anything stop you. Find it and push forward full steam.

Addy Hill is a Haitian-American male born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. Raised by a single mother who knew very little English at the time. He is very exceptional in school when he’s not distracted by the ongoing survival of living in a high crime rate urban community.

Addy started making beats in FL studio around the age of 14 and would freestyle, but never share his talent with friends or family. It was something that brought peace to his world. After leaving Rowan university to attend a community college, Addy began interning for a photography company. There, he began a short term career as a wedding photographer, that is until the company built a recording studio.

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