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A Conversation with Blokboi Yatta


1. What’s going on? Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from.

Im Blokboi Yatta born and raised in Augusta, Georgia but i done stayed bout everywhere from Savannah to South Carolina.

 2. When did you start rapping and who or what inspired you?

I remember writing my first rap verse when i was 14 years old. Didnt take it serious then but who inspired me was a local rapper from my neighborhood, who took me under his wing, showed me how to count bars and to speak on real life experiences.

 3. As an up and coming artist, do you find it difficult to maintain

personal relationships while perusing your music career?

Most definitely. Reason being is because some friends and family dont understand time and dedication invested. The music business is a different world. 

 4. Tell us something you enjoy doing [besides music] that most people don’t know. Mane I’m a true video gamer. Madden, 2K, Call of duty or chess online.

 5. Currently, what project or single are you working on or pushing & where can we find it?

Right now im pushing my single “Moment of Silence” off of TMGGE compilation album: RISE TO POWER. Im also working on my album Pistols and Liquor Bottles which will be dropping later this year.


 6. What’s been the most memorable moment so far in your music career?

Most memorable moment was my first show in Allendale, South Carolina opening for Dirty Dave. I performed my single “I be gettin money” and just to watch that crowd quote my hook and recite my lyrics, seemed unreal. At that point, I knew my calling.

  7. If you could work with any artist, (current or past) who would it be and why?

Mane i would say my homie, my brother, the late M-Dot. He saw something in me that i didnt even see in myself. He showed me the bigger picture of the rap game and groomed me too have a strong work ethic and to go hard at everything i do. We got a track called “Stack it up” which will be featured on my debut album. 

 8. What are your goals musically for the remainder of this year?

Continue to push myself, build a strong fan base and seperate myself from negativity and stay on a positive path.

9. Tell everyone where they can find you? [Websites, Social media, Booking info etc]

FB: @therealblokboiyatta

Twitter: @blokboiyatta

Instagram: @blokboi_yatta

Contact for booking @ 706-877-9188 or 404-919-6008/

email: blokboiyatta@gmail.com

Moment Of Silence   

10. Any Shoutouts

Mane major shoutout to everyone that supported me, family and friends, past and present, the whole Thug Music Grind Gang Family, R.I.P. Mama, Granny, Demajhay and all the loved ones that i lost, i do this for yall. Free Brandon Gray and and Freddie Lo, and shoutout my 15hunnit Fam, without yall none of this would be possible.

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