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8Ball & MJG Drop Live Album “Classic Pimpin”

ATLANTA, GA – JUNE 17: 8 Ball & MJG attend the Birthday Bash ATL Classic Hip Hop Concert at The Tabernacle on June 17, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

8Ball & MJG are kicking off 2019 with their first live album. The legendary duo has releasedClassic Pimpin, a new project featuring live renditions of their classic tracks.

The Memphis Hall of Famers’ latest release gives fans a chance to hear 8Ball & MJG essentials such as “Lay It Down” and “Space Age Pimpin” in a whole new light. The LP features 11 live tracks and a bonus cut, “Take a Picture” produced by Cory Mo.

Check out 8Ball & MJG’s Classic Pimpin stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Classic Pimpin Live

1. 9mm (Live) 2. Comin out Hard (Live) 3. Don’t Want Drama (Live) 4. Lay It Down (Live) 5. Life Goes on (Live) f. Gas 6. Mr. Bigg (Live) f. Cheeto Gambine 7. My Homeboy’s Girlfriend (Live) f. Joi 8. Paid Dues (Live) f. Ebony Love 9. Pimp Hard (Live) 10. Relax & Take Notes (Live) 11. Space Age Pimpin’ (Live) 12. Take a Picture (Bonus Track)

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