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60 East – Circles EP

The Circles EP  brings together two of Southern California’s most notable artists 60 East and Ariano, whose years grinding in the industry collide to create a project that is exceptional in its impassioned execution and delivery. The Circles EP is aptly named. Circles symbolize the cycle of time, the motion of everything that moves; they represent the infinite nature of energy, both positive and negative. Fresh off the lead single, “The Light,” 60 East flawlessly continues this narrative, with a sharp focus on the love in a broken relationship filled with addiction, anger and lies that seems to have no beginning and no end, just the constant chaos of continually going round and round. The Circles EP is an intensely personal project with universal relatability – everyone has endured a toxic relationship, everyone has tried in vain to fix something beyond repair. From the hopefulness of “I Will,“ to the deceptively upbeat feel of “What Am I Doing Here,” a track that embodies ever facet of being let down by the one you love, the Circles EP does a brilliant job of hyper focusing on the small moments seesawing between the I-hate-yous and the I-love-yous.  With only one feature, from Ariano’s 16-year-old son, Sage Price, the project delivers a blend of guitar and heavy drumming that stays true to the soul of hip hop. With Ariano on the production & the unstoppable 60 East on the mic, this is the soundtrack to a love gone wrong that you still want to make right.

The versatility of 60 East extends far beyond just the stage, though. 60 also contributes to the music industry through education and mentoring. When he is not grinding on the road or in the studio, you can catch 60 speaking at music conferences, universities and various youth programs throughout the country. Rumored as one of the hardest working artists in hip hop, he continues to be someone to keep your eyes on.

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