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@30YearsAgo Today Presents: A Convo With Uncle Kool DJ Red Alert

Kool DJ Red Alert is one of the pioneering architects of The Universal Zulu Nation. He has over 35 years in the radio business. Uncle Red is known for breaking a lot of the early hip hop records we all know and love, one being “South Bronx” by Boogie Down Productions. He can also be heard every Christmas Eve on Hot 97 with Funk Master Flex & DJ Chuck Chillout paying tribute to the WBLS pioneer Rap Attacks Mr. Magic (RIP)

Some articles I write out, but this time, I wanted the audience to hear the inflection, also the tone & flow of two ambassadors of the culture, talk about how impactful the year #1988 is still today in 2018. A number of people don’t even know Mike Gee of The Jungle Brothers is the nephew of Red Alert. He is also the cousin of Jazzy Jay in the Zulu Nation. Which means Red Alert has Hip Hop coming out of his pours.

During the year of 88, Red was actually on tour with rap group Boogie Down Productions. (RIP Scott La Rock & Ms. Melodie) And he can be seen making many cameo appearances in a number of notable rap videos including Rob Base’s It Takes Two.

Below is the link to our conversation on Soundcloud. Listen and Enjoy!




@30YearsAgoToday Presents: A Convo With Uncle Kool DJ Red Alert 1988 by UptownWitLayneLuv This is an audio blog that documents the day DJ Layne Luv & Kool DJ Red Alert had a convo about The Golden Year of #1988. Listen and Enjoy as Your Aunties Favorite DJ chops it up with the Legend.

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